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Mexico 20 Pesos D.1913
El Banco del Estado de Chihuahua

Item Code: MX-S134

Obverse: Men haying with horse-drawn combine harvesters. Reverse: Old Mexican coat of arms - eagle holding a snake in its
beak and a claw standing upon a cactus plant, which is situated in a lake. Predominant colours: Black and orange.
Printer: American Bank Note Company, New York. Signature titles: Interventor del Gobierno; Cajero; Gerente.

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Dimensions: 180 x 81 mm

Texts: El Banco del Estado de Chihuahua, México. Pagara al Portador en Efectivo Segun Decreto del
12 de Diciembre de Mil Novecientos Trece. Veinte Pesos. Valor Oro Nacional.

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