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Mozambique 10000 Meticais 1991

Item Code: MZ-137

Front: Effigy of President Joaquim Chissano (born 22 October 1939). Coat of arms. High voltage electric power transmission
lines supported by electrical masts. City view. Smoking factories. Tractor in the field. See-through security feature (registration
device) shaped as maize stalk. Back: BDM logo. Fieldwork: man ploughing field with oxen; woman weeding with a hoe.
Watermark: Portrait of Joaquim Chissano. Main colours: Blue-green, brown and orange. Signature: Eneas Comiche
(O Governador). Artist: Unknown. Date of issue: 16 June 1991. Printer: Thomas De La Rue and Company, Limited.
Material: Paper. Issuer: República de Moçambique, Banco de Moçambique.

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Dimensions: 151 x 69 mm

Texts: República de Moçambique. Dez Mil Meticais. Ten Thousand Meticals. Maputo, 16 de Junho de 1991.
A falsificação da moeda é punida nos termos da lei.

Mozambique Banknote Gallery | Mozambican Banknotes For Sale

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