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Nicaragua 50 Córdobas 2014

Item Code: NI-212

Front: Artisan Crafts Market in Masaya. Xylophones as see-through feature. Back: Folkloric ballet dancers. Coat of arms of Nicaragua.
Nicaraguan ornaments. Watermark: "50". Security features: Consecutively running serial number on the obverse of the banknote. Microprinting.
Part of the design, "50 BCN" emblem and the horizontal red serial number fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Predominant colour: Violet.
Artist: Unknown. Signatures: Leonardo Ovidio Reyes Ramírez (President of BCN - Presidente del Banco Central de Nicaragua, Jan. 2014); Iván
Adolfo Acosta Montalván (Minister of Finance and Public Credit - Ministro de Hacienda y Crédito Público, Feb. 2012). Security thread: None.
Printing method: Intaglio (raised print). Issuer: Central Bank of Nicaragua. Date of Printing: 26 March 2014. Date of Issue: October 2015.
Withdrawal: N/a. Lapse: N/a. Legal tender: Yes. Total issue: Unknown.
Material: Innovia’s Guardian® polymer substrate.
Printer: Oberthur Technologies, France.

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Dimensions: 141,5 x 66,5 mm

Texts: Banco Central de Nicaragua. Cincuenta Córdobas. Resolucion del Consejo Directivo del Banco Central de Nicaragua
CD-BCN-XV-1-14 del 26 de Marzo de 2014. Mercado de Artesanías, Masaya. Ballet Folclórico. Republica de Nicaragua. America Central.

Nicaragua Banknote Gallery | Nicaragua Banknotes For Sale

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