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Norway 100 Kroner 2006 (2003-2010)

Item Code: NO-49

Front: Portrait of Norwegian opera singer Kirsten Flagstad (1895 - 1962). Main auditorium of the Norwegian Opera,
as viewed from the stage. Intaglio rosette encircles a hexagon resembling a spider web, with a hidden "N". Stylised flower
vase - one of Kirsten Flagstad's embroideries, which are on display at the Kirsten Flagstad commemorative collection at
Strandstuen in Hamar. Holographic foil stripe. Back: Architectural drawing of the Folketeater building (ground plan of the
opera's main auditorium) in Oslo, executed by architects Morgenstierne and Eide (1929). The building was completed in
1935 and served as a cinema and theatre until the Norwegian Opera took over the premises in 1959. Brooch worn by
Kirsten Flagstad in a Wagner opera. Watermark: Portrait of Kirsten Flagstad repeated vertically. Main colour: Violet.
Artists: Graphic designers, Sverre Morken (obverse) and Arild Yttri (reverse).
Signatures: Svein Ingvar Gjedrem
(Governor 1999-2010); Trond Eklund (Chief Cashier)
. Issuer: Norges Bank. Date of First Issue: 2003 (design: 15
September 1997). Date of withdrawal: N/a. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton.
Printer: Norges Banks
Seddeltrykkeri (NBS). NBS printing plant closed its operation permanently on 29 June 2007.

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Dimensions: 137 x 65 mm

Texts: Norges Bank. Hundre Kroner. One Hundred Kroner. Noregs Bank. Norwegian Currency.

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