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    Here's how to offer your banknote collection or a single banknote to us:
    If you have something to sell, such as a rare banknote, a collection of banknotes, a pack or a bundle, a "brick" or a wholesale lot, please follow these guidelines while sending your offers to us. This page was made in order to save your and our time to save both of us from a multiple correspondence back and forth.

You are welcome to (please contact us first!) send your banknote collection or a lot to us for an evaluation and for a possible offer.

Alternatively, you can post all images both sides on:
http://www.postimage.org and email us the links to the images.


I have the following banknote(s) for sale:

Catalogue #   Country & Denomination   Issue Date   Grade/Condition   Quantity Available   Photo   Price each
P-62*   Afghanistan 5000 Afghanis   N/D**   UNC***   100   link   $0.00

Print larger form | Print smaller form

Note: you can make a bigger form yourself so you can fit all text into it. What's most important is that you include all the details as per above (and below) when sending us an offer.

* / usually a "Pick" catalogue. You can purchase paper money and other catalogues here.
** / if you can not see or recognise a date of issue on a banknote then enter "no date" or N/D.
*** / click here to learn how to grade banknotes.

Once we receive your offer we will let you know which bank notes we are interested in. We always pay for the banknotes upon receiving and inspecting them. As our reference to you please use this website, our good name and membership in
the IBNS.

Also visit
Bank Note Appraisals page and our Want-List page.

Below is an extended offer form:


Your Full Name*:




Mailing Address*:


Catalogue number (if known):

Issuing Country Name:

Issuing Authority/Bank:

Value/Denomination* (example: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000 etc.):

Currency Name* (example: dollar, peso etc.):

Date of Issue (if any):

Size of the Banknote:

Grade/Condition* (learn how to grade):

Colour(s) of the Banknote*:

Serial numbers* (if any):

Would you sell your collection to Banknotes.com at a fraction of retail value?


Additional Description:

If you are not sending us  an original note(s) then please describe condition of your note(s) in a
detailed manner: pinholes, holes, tears, washing, pressing, stains, center-hole, security strip,
watermarks and everything else that we may not be able to see on a xerox copy or on an online
photo. The more detailed  and precise is description of a condition  of your note(s) the more
accurate will be our  price offer. We make offers from whatever details you send to us.

Photo*: a clear and coloured xerox copy (or a link to an image) of both sides of each banknote.

Notice: Please do not send us any attachments. Enclose a link to the image(s).

If you need more space please use a separate sheet of paper or add more to your email.

*/ Mandatory field
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