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Here's how to offer your banknote collection or a single banknote to us:

If you have something to sell, such as a rare banknote, a collection of banknotes, a pack or a bundle, a "brick" or a wholesale lot, please follow these guidelines while sending your offers to us. This page was made in order to save your and our time to save both of us from a multiple correspondence back and forth.

You are welcome to (please contact us first!) send your banknote collection, accumulation or lot to us for an evaluation and for a possible offer.

Alternatively, you can post all images both sides on: http://www.postimage.org and email us the links to the images.


I have the following banknote(s) for sale:

Cat #   Country & Denomination   Issue Date   Grade/Condition   Quantity Available   Photo   Price each
P-62*   Afghanistan 5000 Afghanis   N/D**   UNC***   100   LINK   $1.00

Print larger form | Print smaller form (these two print-out forms are not for mobile users)

Note: you can make a bigger form yourself so you can fit all text into it. What's most important is that you include all the details as per above (and below) when sending us an offer.

* / usually a "Pick" catalogue. You can purchase paper money and other catalogues here.
** / if you can not see or recognise a date of issue on a banknote then enter "no date" or N/D.
*** / click here to learn how to grade banknotes.

Once we receive your offer we will let you know which bank notes we are interested in. We always pay for the banknotes upon receiving and inspecting them. As our reference to you please use this website, our good name and membership in the IBNS.

Also visit Bank Note Appraisals page and our Want-List page.

Below is an extended offer form:


Your Full Name*:




Mailing Address*:


Catalogue number (if known):

Issuing Country Name:

Issuing Authority/Bank:

Value/Denomination* (example: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000 etc.):

Currency Name* (example: dollar, peso etc.):

Date of Issue (if any):

Size of the Banknote:

Grade/Condition* (learn how to grade):

Colour(s) of the Banknote*:

Serial numbers* (if any):

Would you sell your collection to Banknotes.com at a fraction of retail value?


Additional Description:

If you are not sending us an original note(s) then please describe condition of your note(s) in a
detailed manner: pinholes, holes, tears, washing, pressing, stains, center-hole, security strip,
watermarks and everything else that we may not be able to see on a xerox copy or on an online
photo. The more detailed and precise is description of a condition of your note(s) the more
accurate will be our price offer. We make offers from whatever details you send to us.

Photo*: a clear and coloured xerox copy (or a link to an image) of both sides of each banknote.

Notice: Please do not send us any attachments. Enclose a link to the image(s).

If you need more space please use a separate sheet of paper or add more to your email.

*/ Mandatory field

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Did you just return from a holiday or a business trip? Are you wondering what to do with that left over foreign hard currency? We will buy your circulated but clean undamaged hard currency notes from you. Just send them to us by insured mail and we will make an offer to you and will pay whatever we can fairly pay for the lot at that moment. Please note, this applies to hard currency only. It is requested that you get my approval before sending anything to me of low or of questionable value.

Suppliers of current uncirculated world banknotes are needed in many countries! Let's see what you've got for sale. Buying All New Issues in Quantity! Buying older more scarce issues in F+ to AU grades as well.

Notice: the listing below is outdated in parts - we are actually buying all world banknotes, - old and modern, uncirculated and circulated from all countries of the world. If country or catalogue number is missing in the listing below, it does not mean we are not buying that particular banknote. So please offer us whatever you have for sale or whatever banknotes you can supply us with.

Afghanistan All (UNC) - it means I need only uncirculated notes. New issues. Older issues in F+ to AU grades as well.
Albania P-1-32, 52-66 (VF-UNC) and New Issues.
Algeria UNC notes and New Issues. Older issues in F+ to AU grades as well.
Andorra all notes in UNC grade
Angola Pick-1-91 (VF-UNC), P-92-98 (UNC), P-99-103 (UNC), P-109-142 (UNC) (see more Angola below) and New Issues
Argentina P-1-230 (VF-UNC), P-262-279 (UNC) and New Issues
Australia P-10-24 and New Issues
Azores all notes in VG-UNC grades
Bahamas P-A1-P-16 (VF-UNC), P-17-45, 51-53, 57-59, 63 (UNC) and New Issues
Bangladesh P-10-12 (UNC) and New Issues
Barbados P-1-6 (VF-UNC), P-29-31, 35-37, 41-43 (UNC) and New Issues
Belgian Congo all notes VG-UNC
Belgium P-3-128 (VF-UNC), P-129-152 (UNC) - all banknotes needed.
Belize P-33 (16) to P-37 (20) (VF-UNC), P-38-40, 43, 46-49, 51-55, 58,59 (UNC) and New Issues.
Bermuda P-1-5 (VF-UNC), P-6-21 (XF-UNC), P-22-31, 34-36, 40A-43 (UNC) and New Issues.

Custom Stickers

Biafra P-1, 2, 6, 7 (VF+ to UNC)
British East Caribbean Territories P-1-12
British Guiana all notes VF-UNC
British Honduras all notes VF-UNC
British North Borneo all notes VF-UNC
British West Africa all notes XF-UNC
Brunei P-1-12 and New Issues
Burma PA6-A8, P-1-8, P-18-39, P-52-66 (UNC) and New Issues
Burundi P-1-26 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Cambodia P-1-3 (UNC), P-3A (VF-UNC), P-11 (14) (UNC), R1-R5 (VF-UNC) and New Issues.
Cameroon (German) all notes
Cameroon P-7(1) to P-14 (7) (VF-UNC), P-15 (8) to P-26 (19) (UNC) and New Issues
Canada up to P-1-57 (VF-UNC), P-58-65 (UNC), P-66-73 (VF-UNC), P-74-93 (UNC) and New Issues
Cape Verde P-1-46 (VF-UNC), P-47-65+news (UNC) and New Issues
Cayman Islands P-1-13, 16-18, 21-23 (UNC) and New Issues
Central African Republic P-1-8 (VF-UNC), P-11 (VF-UNC), P-9, 10, 12-16 (UNC) and New Issues
Central African States UNC notes and New Issues
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) P-3-53 (VF-UNC), P-54-61 (XF-UNC), P-62-82 (XF-UNC), // P-87(68)-88(69) in VF-UNC // P-89-113(UNC) and New Issues
Chad P-1-5 (VF-UNC), P-8 (VF-UNC), P-6, 7, 9-12 (UNC) and New Issues
China P-A14-A23, A55, A76-A82 (VF-UNC), P-A84-A138 (XF-UNC), P-1-69 (XF-UNC), P-70-78 (UNC), P-110-165 (UNC), P-202-208 (UNC), P-222, P-223, P-387-448 (UNC), P-453-482 (XF-UNC), P-491-534 (XF-UNC), P-564-585 (XF-UNC), P-800-859 (XF-UNC), P-863-889 (UNC), P-J50-J59, (VF-UNC), P-J80-J128 (UNC), P-J129-J146 (VF-UNC), P-FX1-FX9 (UNC), P-M41-M46 (UNC) and New Issues

Three Gorges of Yangtze River, China

Colombia P-181-401 (XF-UNC), P-402-447 (UNC), especially P-437 and P-443 10000 Pesos 1992/95/96 and New Issues
Comoros P-A1-6 (VF-UNC), P-7-14 (UNC) and New Issues
Confederate States of America all better VF-UNC genuine notes
Congo Democratic Republic all UNC notes and New Issues
Congo Republic P-1 (VF-UNC), P-2-13 (UNC) and New Issues
Cook Islands P-1, P-2 (F-UNC), P-4 (UNC) and New Issues
Croatia P-28-36 (UNC) and New Issues
Curacao all notes
Cyprus up to P-36(29) (VF-UNC), P-37-60 (UNC) and New Issues
Czechoslovakia P-13-26 (UNC)
Danish West Indies all notes
Danzig P-53-65 (XF-UNC)
Djibouti P-1-10A, P-19-20, P-25-29 (VF-UNC), P-36-40 (UNC) and New Issues
East Africa P-1A-48 (VF-UNC)
East Caribbean States P-13-16 (XF-UNC), P-21-23 (UNC) and New Issues
El Salvador UNC notes, especially P-145,147-153 and New Issues
Equatorial African States P-1-7 (VF-UNC)
Equatorial Guinea P-1-22 UNC
Ethiopia P-1-11 (VF-UNC) and New Issues
Faeroe Islands UNC notes and New Issues
Falkland Islands UNC notes and New Issues
Fiji P-2-35(29) (VF-UNC), P-43(30)-49(36) (XF-UNC), P-50-92 (UNC) and New Issues
Finland P-113,119,123(UNC) all notes wanted old and new.
France all VF-UNC notes;
French Afars & Issas all notes
French Antilles all notes VF-UNC
French Equatorial Africa all notes in VF-UNC
French Guiana all notes VF-UNC
French India all notes in F-UNC
French Indo-China all notes in VF-UNC
French Oceania all notes in VF-UNC
French Pacific Territories all VF-UNC notes and New Issues
French Sudan P-A1
French West Africa all notes in XF-UNC
Gabon all UNC notes and New Issues
Gambia UNC notes and New Issues
Georgia P-23-28(UNC)
German East Africa P-1-5(VF-UNC)
Germany P-1-21(XF-UNC),P-81e(UNC),P-89b(90)(UNC),P-138-140
German Federal Republic P-5-8(XF-UNC), P-13-17(XF-UNC),
P-20-24, 32-36 (20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 DM 1960-80); All notes needed.
Gibraltar UNC notes and New Issues
Great Britain P-371(130)381(UNC) and New Issues
Greece UNC notes and New Issues
Greenland all genuine UNC notes
Grenada P-1-3
Guadeloupe all notes in XF-UNC
Guatemala P-1-22 (XF-UNC), P-23-97 (UNC) and New Issues

Aztec God from Guatemala 50 Quetzales XXI Century

Guernsey UNC notes and New Issues
Guinea P-1-11 (VF-UNC), P-12-33 (UNC) and New Issues
Guinea-Bissau P-1-15 (UNC) and New Issues
Haiti P-68-80, 91-102, 110-125, 131-184 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC.
Especially P-187,192-195 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Hawaii P-1-15
Hejaz(Hedjaz) all notes
Honduras P-22(30)-44 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Hong Kong all pre-1970 notes(VF-UNC) and New Issues
India P-1-25(VF-UNC) and New Issues
Indonesia P-13-54A (UNC), P-59-64 (UNC), P-69-71 (UNC), P-83-88 (UNC) and
New Issues.
Iran P-1-17(!!)-53 (XF-UNC), P-54-70 (UNC) and New Issues
Iraq P-1-26(!!)-50 (XF-UNC)
Israel P-1-28 (VF-UNC), P-29-58 (UNC) and New Issues
Italian East Africa all notes XF-UNC
Italian Somaliland all notes XF-UNC
Italy all notes. Please offer.
Ivory Coast all notes XF-UNC
Jamaica P-27-33 (VF-UNC), P-37-52 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Japan all scarcer banknotes;

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Katanga all notes VF-UNC
Kenya P-1-5 (VF-UNC), P-6-14,19-21, 23-39 (UNC) and New Issues
Laos P-1-7, 9-24A (UNC) and New Issues
Latvia P-15,16,18,19,41,42 all in UNC
Leeward Islands P-1-2
Libya P-5-22 (VF-UNC), P-23-32 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Lithuania P-A1-A4, P-19-22, P-1-28,41 (UNC)
Luxembourg P-A1-47 (XF-UNC), P-14, 14A, 48-59 (UNC) and New Issues
Macao P-1-63 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Macedonia P-11-18 (UNC) and New Issues
Madagascar P-34-61 (VF-UNC), P-62-72 (UNC)
Madeira Islands all notes
Malawi P-1-22 (Fine-UNC), P-23a, 24a, 25a, 26, 27, 28a (UNC), other letters
and P-34, 35 (UNC) and New Issues
Malaya P-1-16 (VF-UNC)
Malaya & British Borneo P-1-7 (VF-UNC), P-8 (UNC), P-9 (VF-UNC)
Mali P-1-15 (VF-UNC) and New Issues
Martinique all notes (VF-UNC)
Mauritania P-1-3 (UNC) and New Issues
Mauritius P-19 (16)-29A (VF-UNC), 30-33 (VF-UNC), P-34, 35, 38, CS1 (UNC)
Mexico P-11-60 (XF-UNC), P-62-110 (UNC), local, bank issues and New Issues
Monaco UNC notes
Morocco P-1-55 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Mozambique P-1-108 (VF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Netherlands P-35-84, 86-89 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC;
Netherlands Antilles P-1-7, 14 (VF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Netherlands Indies all UNC notes (except Japanese occupation)
Netherlands New Guinea all notes (Fine-UNC)
New Caledonia all XF-UNC notes. // P-62(64) in VF-UNC // and New Issues
Newfoundland all notes
New Hebrides all notes
New Zealand UNC notes and New Issues
Nigeria P-1-7, 9-13 (VF-UNC), P-8,14-18 (XF-UNC), P-19-27 (UNC) and New Issues
Norway P-1-35 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Palestine all notes (VF-UNC)
Panama all notes (including fantasy money)
Papua New Guinea UNC notes and New Issues
Paraguay P-87-191 (XF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues

Portugal P-1-166, 170-172, 177 (VF-UNC), other notes in UNC and New Issues;
Portuguese Guinea all VF-UNC notes
Portuguese India all notes
Puerto Rico all notes
Qatar UNC notes and New Issues
Qatar & Dubai P-1-6 (Fine-UNC)
Reunion all notes
Rhodesia all notes (VF-UNC)
Rhodesia and Nyasaland all notes (VF-UNC), P-23 (Fine-UNC)
Romania UNC notes and New Issues
Russia rare notes only (UNC), also P-241, 242, 251, 258-260,
Rwanda P-1-5 (VF-UNC), P-6-17 (XF-UNC), P-18-22 (UNC) and New Issues
Rwanda-Burundi all notes
Saar all notes
St. Helena UNC notes and New Issues
St. Lucia all notes
St. Pierre & Miquelon all notes XF-UNC
St. Thomas & Prince P-1-51 (XF-UNC), P-52-68 (UNC) and New Issues
Sarawak all notes
Senegal all notes and New Issues
Seychelles P-1-13 (VF-UNC), P-14-18 (Fine-UNC), P-19-22 (XF-UNC),
P-23-39 (UNC) and New Issues
Sierra Leone P-1-3 (VF-UNC), P-4-24 (UNC) and New Issues
Singapore P-1-8 (UNC) and New Issues
Solomon Islands UNC notes and New Issues
Somalia P-1-16 (VF-UNC), P-17-30 (UNC) and New Issues
South Africa P-85(87)-108A (UNC), P-111-114 (UNC) and New Issues
Southern Rhodesia P-9-19 (Fine-UNC)
Spain all UNC notes (rare notes XF-UNC)
Sri Lanka(Ceylon) - please see Ceylon (above - scroll up)
Straits Settlements all notes
Sudan P-A1-P-10 (VF-UNC), P-11-15 (XF-UNC) and New Issues
Surinam P-1-13 (VF-UNC), P-14-64 (UNC) and New Issues
Switzerland pre-1920 notes also any other notes and New Issues
Tahiti all notes VF-UNC
Tangier all notes VF-UNC
Tanzania UNC notes // P-4,5 in VF-UNC // and New Issues
Thailand UNC notes and New Issues
Tibet all VF-UNC notes

The Potala Palace, Tibet

Timor all notes in AU and UNC
Tonga UNC notes and New Issues
Trinidad & Tobago P-26-29 (VF-UNC), later notes in UNC and New Issues
Tunisia all UNC notes, especially P-86-89 (UNC) and New Issues
Turkey all old notes and New Issues all UNC
Turks & Caicos Islands all notes
Ukraine P-87-90,99,100 (UNC)
United States of America we are buying large and small sized currency, error
currency, national currency, obsolete currency, continental, colonial, confederate
currency, fractional currency, federal reserve notes.
Upper Senegal & Niger all notes
Uruguay UNC notes and New Issues
Uzbekistan (none at this moment)
Vanuatu UNC notes and New Issues
Venezuela UNC notes, especially looking for P-71(20 Bolivares 20.10.1987)
West African States P-101A-104A, 201B-204B, 301C-304C, 401D-404D, 501E-504E, 601H-604H, 701K-704K, 801T-804T (VF-UNC), other notes in UNC
Western Samoa P-1-15 (VF-UNC), P-16-31 (UNC) and New Issues
Yemen Democratic Republic P-1, 2 (UNC), P-3-5 (UNC), P-6-8 (UNC), P-9 (UNC)
Zanzibar absolutely all notes
Zaire(Congo, Kinshasa) P-1 (VF-UNC), P-2,3 (Fine-UNC), P-4-13(XF-UNC),
P-14-79,R3(UNC), New Francs and and New Issues (see Congo DR)
Zambia P-A1, P-1-22A (VF-UNC) P-23-42 and New Issues
Zimbabwe P-1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2e, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4a, 4b, 4c, 7(8) - all in UNC and news.
E-mail us before sending any notes to us for approval. We might not want ALL notes that you have to offer. Our want-list might change more often than we are able to update it here.

*Please offer notes preferrably in VF to UNC grades. Notes with ink or any spots, dirt on them, washed, repaired or pressed notes are not desired.

All Pick (Krause) catalogue letters apply if not noted otherwise. Scarcer letters are our preference.

The latest Pick (Krause) catalogue eighth edition and Modern Issues catalogue 1961-1998 3rd edition numbering is given above.

You may also offer other notes and countries unlisted in this want list. Including notes listed in Pick/Krause Specialised Edition. Let's see what you have got for sale. We also are trading (exchanging, swopping) notes.

We are also looking for old bonds, shares, old lottery tickets, PRISONER CAMP MONEY, GHETTO MONEY, replacement notes, colour trials, errors, printer's waste etc.

Purchase, offer or sale of MODERN COUNTERFEITS (counterfeits of modern currencies and current bank notes) is strictly prohibited. Sale or offer of a counterfeit note as a genuine one is strictly prohibited. If you own or find/buy a modern note (1960+) which you suspect could be a counterfeit you should bring it to the nearest police station or secret service office for inspection.

Items of special interest are paper notes with interesting serial numbers (radar, all zero, 000001, 1000000, low numbered notes, 111111-999999, RADAR: 123321, repeating serial numbers like 01010101 etc. better play money notes from various countries.

Offer us NEW ISSUES just released into circulation!

You may also consign your notes to us. Click here for more info.

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