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Advertising with Banknotes.com™

If you would like to advertise on
www.banknotes.com please send us the following info and details and we will get back to you with our best advertising price quote:

1. Exact location(s) on
www.banknotes.com where you would like your ad(s), banner(s) or article(s) placed at. Please provide a very detailed description or yet better a marked screenshot or a drawing.

2. Exact size and quantity of your ad(s), banner(s) or article(s).

3. Contents and appearance of your ad(s), banner(s) or article(s) (JPEG, GIF or text).

4. Desired length (duration) of an advertising campaign for your ad(s), banner(s) or article(s): 1, 3, 6, 12 months etc.

5. Any other special wishes, requests or proposals.

IMPORTANT: All pages or websites that we link to must now be mobile-friendly (SEO requirement).