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How to have your banknote collection (or a single banknote) appraised:

  Do you need a professional appraisal of your banknote(s)? Evaluation for your banknote(s) will be sent to you by email or mail. For US$50.00 you can get up to twenty (20) banknotes (bills) appraised. $50 is a minimum charge no matter whether you have 3, 5, 10 or 20 banknotes to appraise. (An exception is evaluation of 1 (one) banknote, which will cost you $10 to appraise). If you would like to have 21 or more banknotes appraised, then add $2.50 for each additional banknote to be appraised.

Example: to appraise 1 bank note will cost you $10; to appraise 2 banknotes will cost you $20.00; to appraise 4 banknotes will cost you $40 and to appraise 22 banknotes will cost you $55.00.

If you wish to receive an evaluation for your banknote(s) then please mail a xerox copy to us along with payment in cash, check, cheque or a money order or an equivalent in your country's currency. Please include $7.00 for a return postage (by Registered Mail) for your each package weighing under 50 grams (if original notes are sent).

To have just ONE BANKNOTE APPRAISED and to pay for it via Paypal automatically: CLICK HERE.

In case if you will wish to sell your banknote(s) to us and if we will buy, then we will refund your appraisal cost for each and every banknote we buy. Terms and conditions and our contact info links are above. Please read Terms & Conditions before mailing your items to us. Please do not mail to us any notes without first letting us know and receiving an approval. We will not be responsible for any valuables lost in the mail unless they were sent and/or asked to be sent insured or registered (not exceeding $45 value to overseas by Registered Mail). Fully insured mail options available on request.

Sorry, we do not appraise any bonds, lottery tickets, food stamps coupons, stocks or any other
non-banknotes even if they are made from paper. We also do not appraise any unique errors, notgeld and scrip, metallic coins etc.

For faster service email your appraisal requests along with your Paypal payment. Please pay with Money Order, Cashier's Check, Personal Check, Cash or Paypal. You can also pay with unused PT stamps.

SAVE TREES, email us your appraisal requests and payments instead of using all that paper for your coloured copies.

Please note that those who can not afford to pay the appraisal fee can email me their materials and I will place you in a queue for a free appraisal service. There is no guarantee that a free appraisal will be provided to you in a timely manner or that it will be provided at all, but I will try to do my best. We do not appraise by phone! Please do not call!

The following three classical catalogues: MODERN ISSUES; OLD ISSUES; SPECIALIZED ISSUES as well as the Banknote Book may help you look up the value of your banknotes yourself.

Click here to see a sample of an actual appraisal. Descriptions and fields may vary.

Also visit Bank Note Grading | Have Something For Sale? | Want-List.

NOTICE: You can pay us with Paypal by going to our: Banknote Appraisal Order Form (for online appraisals).

Please fill out the form for each banknote separately and send it to us along with payment:


Your Full Name:




Mailing Address*:

I wish to receive the appraisal via: Email ( ) Mail* ( )

* Please add extra €5 within the E.U. and €10 abroad if you wish to receive your appraisal by mail.

Catalogue number (if known):

Issuing Country Name:

Issuing Authority/Bank:

Value/Denomination*(example: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000 etc.):

Currency Name*(example: dollar, peso etc.):

Date of Issue* (if any):

Size of the Banknote*:

Grade/Condition* (learn how to grade):

Colour(s) of the Banknote*:


Serial numbers* (if any):

Coloured high quality photo link*: http://

Additional Description:
If you are not sending an original note(s) then please describe condition of your note(s) in very detailed manner:
pinholes, holes, tears, washing, pressing, stains, center-hole, security strip, watermarks and everything else
that I may not be able to see on a xerox copy or an online photo. The more detailed and precise is description
of a condition of your note(s) the more accurate will be our appraisal. We appraise from whatever you send us.

Will you sell the item(s)?*: YES ( ) NO ( )

Photo*: a clear xerox copy of both sides of each banknote is mandatory to enclose. Alternatively you can provide
us with a link to the images of your appraisable banknotes. Here's some help on where to store your images:
1. Scan (you need a scanner) or have your image ready to post;
2. Go to: http://www.postimage.org or http://photobucket.com or other image host;
3. Write the provided image(s) link(s) in this form or send by email to us.

Notice: Please do not email us any gigantic attachments.

Payment amount submitted* (€ or equivalent in any world currency):

Your Signature & Date:
If you need more space please use a separate sheet of paper or add more to your email.

* Mandatory field

To have just ONE BANKNOTE APPRAISED and to easy pay via Paypal: CLICK HERE.

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