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Panamá 20 Balboas 2014 (Essay)

Item Code: PA-P2

Front: Upper torso of an Emberá girl. Emberá basket tray. Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki). Back: Man in a
boat on a river. Native Emberá archer aiming to shoot an arrow from his bow. Profile portrait of Vasco Núñez de Balboa
wearing his full body armour. Watermark: Chainlink pattern. Security feature: See-through register as Emberá basket
tray. Watermark. Main colour: Violet. Signature: None. Artist & Engraver: M. Gabris. Printing method: Offset.
Issuer: Private. Date of Issue: 2014. Material: Paper. Printer: Unknown. Total issue: 600 pieces.

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Dimensions: 142 x 76 mm

Texts: El Banco Central de Emision de la República de Panamá. Veinte Balboas. Twenty Balboas. Pagadero al portador
a solicitud. Este billete no es válido por la ley. Su uso es ilegal. Muestra sin valor. Essay. Sp
ecimen. Una chica Emberá.

Panama Banknote Gallery | Panamanian Banknotes For Sale

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