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Peru 10 Soles 2019

Item Code: PE-196

Front: María Isabel Granda y Larco (3 September 1920 – 8 March 1983), better known as Chabuca Granda, a Peruvian singer and composer. Back: The Vicuña (Lama vicugna). Ismene amancaes flower commonly known as Amancay. Coat of arms depicting Vicuña, Cinchona officinalis and a cornucopia pouring coins, all within the shield. Watermark: María Isabel Granda y Larco; Electrotype '10'. Security thread: Segmented, 3,5 mm wide plastic security thread with text "10 BCRP" repeated. Main colour: Green. Artist: De La Rue. Signatures: Julio Emilio Velarde Flores (Chairman – Presidente BCRP, 7 September 2006–); Luis Miguel Palomino Bonilla (Director, 2016–); Renzo Rossini Miñán (General Manager – Gerente General, September 2003 – February 2021). Issuer: Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Date of Issue: 21 March 2019. Circulation: 22 July 2021. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton paper substrate. Printer: De La Rue Plc, Basingstoke, England (DLR)

Peruvian Currency Bank Note Gallery

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Dimensions: 141 x 65 mm

Texts: Banco Central de Reserva del Perú. Diez Soles. Ten Sols. Peruvian currency bank note. Billete de banco en moneda peruana.

Peruvian Banknote Gallery | Peru Banknotes For Sale

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