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Papua New Guinea 20 Kina 2008

Item Code: PG-36

Obverse: National Crest which is a stylised Bird of Paradise sitting on a Kundu (drum) and a  spear, symbolising National Unity.
National Parliament Building. The background tints consist of lineal patterns incorporating various items of interest from different
areas of Papua New Guinea. The following articles have been included in the overall design: Arm band decorations from the Manus
Island. Decoration from a Kap Kap ornament from Manus Island. Decoration from Pottery of the Sepik area. Decoration from a
'Spirit Board' of the Sepik area. A Decoration from a mask of the Sepik area. Shield decoration from a canoe Prow from the Milne
Bay area. Areas of design associated with decoration from the Highlands. Part of a ceremonial Tubuan head-dress from the New
Britain area. The local art form patterns surrounding the value numerals represent an impressionist lineal pattern of a pig. BPNG
bank logo. Back: Head of a boar. Toea arm band from Central Province, a Crowrie shell necklace from Madang area and shell
ornament peculiar to the Western Province. The background tints incorporate lineal patterns based on actual designs of various
items as follows: Designs taken from a Mount Hagen axe and shield from the Highlands; Designs taken from Tapa cloth from the
Northern Province; Designs from a Kap Kap of the Manus area; Decorations from a Shield from the Gulf area; Decorations from a
'Food Hok' from the Milne Bay area; Design typical of the Central Province. Watermark: Bank logo - Bird of Paradise; Electrotype
initials "BPNG"; Reinforced cornerstones. Signatures: Leonard Wilson Kamit (Governor); Simon Tosali (Secretary, Department of
Treasury). Main colours: Pink, brown and orange. Artist: Unknown. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd.

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Dimensions: 150 x 75 mm

Texts: Bank of Papua New Guinea. 35th Anniversary 1973 - 2008. Twenty Kina. Legal Tender Throughout Papua New Guinea.

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