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Poland 100 Zlotych 1994

Item Code: PL-176

Obverse: Grand Duke of Lithuania, Jogaila, and later, King of Poland Wladyslaw (Ladislaus) II Jagiello
(ca. 1362 - 1 June 1434); Eagle, emblem of Poland; Decorative rosette; Stylised elements of Gothic ornamentation.
Reverse: Shield bearing eagle from tombstone of Ladislaus II Jagiello, with Teutonic Knight's helmet and cape, and
two swords, at the bottom of the shield; Castle of Teutonic Knights at Malbork. Watermark: King Jogaila / Jagiello.
Date of Issue: 25 March 1994.

Polish Currency Gallery

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Original Size: 138 x 69 mm

Texts: Narodowy Bank Polski; Sto Zlotych; One Hundred Zlotys; Banknoty emitowane przez Narodowy
Bank Polski sa prawnym srodkiem platniczym w Polsce.

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