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Poland 50 Zlotych 1929

Item Code: PL-71

Front: Peasant woman. Mercury. Floral design. Reverse: Warsaw: Old Bank Polski building and the "new" Bank Polski building
built in 1907-1911 serving Bank Polski from 1926. Crowned eagle, emblem of Poland. Caduceus with two cornucopias. Floral design.
Watermark: Portrait of bearded Stefan Batory in profile wearing a winter hat; 50 ZL. Artist: Józef Mehoffer. Engraver: Eugene Gaspe.
Main colour: Brown. Security features: Running serial numbers, watermark. Signatures: Wladyslaw Wroblewski (Bank President -
Prezes Banku); Wladyslaw Mieczkowski (General Director - Naczelny Dyrektor) Stanislaw Orczykowski (Treasurer - Skarbnik).
Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank Polski. Date of Issue: 1 September 1929. Withdrawn: No info. Legal tender: No.
Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartosciowych S.A., Warsaw, Poland.

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Dimensions: 187 x 99 mm

Texts: Bank Polski. Piecdziesiat Zlotych. Fifty Zlots. Warszawa, dnia 1 Wrzesnia 1929 roku. Bilety Banku Polskiego sa prawnym
srodkiem platniczym w Polsce. Podrabianie, usilowanie, podrabiania, puszczanie w obieg podrobionych biletow Banku Polskiego
podlega karze ciezkiego wiezienia.

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