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Portugal 100 Escudos Ouro 1985

Item Code: PT-178e (AAVP)

Front: Portuguese Neoclassic poet Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (1765 - 1805). Portuguese coat of arms (Armillary sphere + the quinas + the castles). Back: Rossio Square in Lisbon at the beginning of the XIX century. Watermark: Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage. Security features: Running serial numbers on the obverse. Watermarked paper. Embedded dotted metallic security strip, 0.5 mm wide. Number "3" in the upper left corner of the note on its obverse side fluoresces under UV light. Main colour: Blue. Artist: Prof. Luís Filipe de Abreu. Signatures: (as depicted) Vítor Manuel Ribeiro Constâncio (O Governador); Alexandre de Azeredo Vaz Pinto (O Vice-Governador). Issuer: Bank of Portugal. Date of Issue: 4 June 1985. Date of withdrawal: 31 December 1997. Legal tender: No, but redeemable until 30-12-2022. Material: Cotton paper. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Unknown (advice sought). Collector value: $15 in 2020 (UNC).

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Dimensions: 149 x 74 mm

Texts: Banco de Portugal. Cem Escudos Ouro. One Hundred Golden Escudos. Lisboa, 4 de Junho de 1985. O Rossio nos princípios do século XIX.

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