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Rapa Nui - Easter island - Isla de Pascua 500 Rongo 2011

Item Code: RN-1

Front: Portrait of a native Rapanui man with a face tattoo. Outer slopes of Rano Raraku volcanic crater and quarry
with monolithic sculptures called Moai, some buried to their shoulders and neck. RongoRongo symbol script.
Back: Moto Nui, Island of the Birdman cult, seen from the Orongo village with Birdman petroglyphs and MakeMake
god. Sea cliff of Rano Kau volcano at Orongo. Woodcarving of Tangata manu (bird-man). Native Rapanui man with
a face tattoo. RongoRongo symbol script. Predominant colours: Light green, light blue, turquoise, chartreuse,
brown. Signature: John Hamilton (Comptroller). Material:
Biaxially oriented polypropylene (polymer).
Date of Issue: 1 September 2011. Printer: British American Bank Note Co. Ltd.

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Dimensions: 159 x 79 mm

Texts: Rapa Nui. Isla de Pascua. Easter Island. Five Hundred Quinientos Rongo. Pacific Overseas Exchange Office.
Oficina Intercambiara de Ultramar Del Pacifico garantiza el reembolso de uno dólar americano en la devolución de
este billete a cualquiera de sus oficinas en un periodo de diez años a partir de su fecha de emisión.

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