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Rapa Nui - Easter island - Isla de Pascua 2500 Rongo 2011

Item Code: RN-3

Front: Portrait of a native woman dancer at Tapati Festival. Moai in Ahu Tahai at Hanga Roa. A red Reimiro with
human heads on each end - the emblem of the flag of Rapa Nui. RongoRongo symbol script. Back: Moai - Aringa
Ora - living faces of deified ancestors, set in the hillside at Rano Raraku. RongoRongo symbol script. Predominant
colours: Violet, red, yellow, orange and green. Signature: John Hamilton (Comptroller). Material:
Biaxially oriented
polypropylene (polymer). Date of Issue: 1 December 2011. Printer: British American Bank Note Co. Ltd.

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Dimensions: 159 x 79 mm

Texts: Rapa Nui. Isla de Pascua. Easter Island. Two Thousand Five Hundred Dos Mil Quinientos Rongo. Pacific
Overseas Exchange Office. Oficina Intercambiara de Ultramar Del Pacifico garantiza el reembolso de cinco dólares
americanos en la devolución de este billete a cualquiera de sus oficinas en un periodo de diez años a partir de su
fecha de emisión.

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