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Serbia 500 Dinara 1941

Item Code: SP-27

Obverse: Serbian woman wearing national dress. Fruits. Reverse: Bricklayer carrying bricks and a bricklayer's trowel. Watermark: P27a: Portrait profile of King of Yugoslavia Alexander I (Alexander Karadordevic) (1888 - 1934) or P27b: Portrait profile of Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) (Roman poet). Predominant colour: Brown. Authors: Miho Chakelja Fec.; Veljko A. Kun Sc. Signatures: Mirko Kosic; Milan Radosavljevic. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: National Bank of Serbia. Date of Issue: 1 November 1941. Date of withdrawal: 1942. Total issue: N/a. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 169 x 95 mm

Texts: Srpska Narodna Banka, placa donosiocu, Pet Stotina Srpskih Dinara. Beograd, 1 Novembar 1941. Falsifikovanje novcanica kazni se po propisima krivicnog zakonika koji vrede za krivice zbog pravljenja a lažnog novca.

Serbia Banknote Gallery | Serbian Banknotes For Sale

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