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Serbia 100 Dinara 2003

Item Code: RS-41

Front: Portrait of Nikola Tesla, prominent scientist and inventor in the field of electric energy. Magnetic
induction calculation formula, image of instance of electrical discharge, image of Tesla’s electric induction device.
Back: Detail from a photograph of Nikola Tesla from his Museum in Belgrade, in the background, a detail from the
Tesla electro-magnetic induction engine, drawing of Tesla’s electromagnetic engine, ‘Tesla’s Dove’. Watermark:
Portrait of Nikola Tesla. Signature: Mladan Dinkic (Governor). Printer: Narodna Banka Srbije - Zavod za Izradu
Novcanica i Kovanog Novca - Topcider. Date of Issue: 2 July 2003.
Remark: 120th Anniversary since First Paper Banknote was issued by the National Bank of Serbia in 1884.

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Dimensions: 143 x 68 mm

Texts: Narodna Banka Srbije. Sto Dinara. Hundred Dinars. Falsifikovanje se kažnjava po zakonu. Beograd.

Serbia Banknote Gallery | Serbian Banknotes For Sale

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