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Russia 10 Roubles 1909

Item Code: RU-11C (Bylinsky)

Front: Coat of arms with double-headed eagle. Guilloche pattern and denomination rosettes. Back: Guilloche pattern, denomination rosettes and engraved
frames. Watermark: Repetitive pattern of denomination "10". Main colour: Middle red. Security features: Running serial numbers on face. Watermark.
Artist: Unknown.
Signatures: I.P. Shipov (Manager); A. Bylinski´ (Cashier). Issuer: State Bank of Russian Empire (Gosudarstvenny´ Bank). Date of Issue: 1909.
Date of withdrawal: 1922. Legal tender: No. Material: Cotton paper. Printing method:
Orlov's printing. Printer: Department of State Currency Production,

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Dimensions: 177 x 105 mm

Texts: Gosudarstvennyj Kreditnyj Bilet. Desyat' Rublej. Ten Rubles. 1. Razmen gosudarstvennykh kreditnykh biletov na zolotuju monetu obespechivajetsja vsem
dostojaniem gosudarstva. 2. Gosudarstvennyje kreditnyje bilety imejut khozhdenie vo vsej Imperii na ravne s zolotoju monetoju. 3. Za poddelku kreditnykh biletov
vinovnyje podvergajutsja lisheniju vsekh prav sostojanija i ssylke v katorzhnuju rabotu. Gosudarstvennyj Bank razmenivajet kreditnyje bilety na zolotuju monetu
bez ogranichenija summy (1 Rubl' = 1/15 Imperiala, soderzhit 17.424 dolei chistago zolota).

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