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Russia 40 Rubles (1917) "Kerenki"

Item Code: RU-39

Front: Coat of arms. Reverse: Guilloche design. Watermark: Pattern. Security features: Watermark. Main colour: Red.
Artist: Unknown.
Signatures: None. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Treasury. Date of Issue: 4 September 1917.
Date of withdrawal: No info. Legal tender: No. Total emission: No info. Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: Unknown.


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Dimensions: 61 x 49 mm

Texts: Kaznacheyskiy Znak. Sorok Rubley. Obyazatelen k obrashcheniyu naravne s kreditnymi biletami.
Poddelka presleduetsya zakonom. Fourty Roubles.

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