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Russia 1000 Rubles 1919
Rostov-on-Don, South Russia, State Bank

Item Code: RU-S418

Front: Coat of arms enveloped by ornamental designs with flowers and plant fronds. Reverse: Allegorical Mother Russia
seated holding a shield and a sword. Roses. Wheat bunches. Sickle. Views of Rostov-on-Don. Watermark: Monogram.
Security features: Watermark. Running serial numbers. Main colours: Black and brown. Artist: Unknown.
Gul'bin (Manager - Upravlyayushchiy); A. Chesirov (Cashier - Kassir). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Rostov-on-Don
branch of State Bank. Date of Issue: 1919. Date of withdrawal: No info. Legal tender: No. Total emission: No info.
Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: Unknown.


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Dimensions: 199 x 109 mm

Texts: Tysyacha Rubley. Nastoyashchiy denezhnyy znak vypushchen Rostovskoy na Donu kontoroy Gosudarstvennogo
Banka i imeet khozhdeniye naravne s Gosudarstvennymi kreditnymi biletami. Nastoyashchiy denezhnyy znak obyazatelen
k priyomu v platezhi vsemi Pravitel'stvennymi i chastnymi uchrezhdeniyami, a takzhe pri raschyotakh mezhdu chastnymi
litsami. Poddelka denezhnykh znakov presleduetsya zakonom. One Thousand Roubles.

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