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Rwanda 2000 Francs 2007

Item Code: RW-32

Front: Parabolic satellite dish and communication radio mast antenna. Aerial view of the countryside
hills in the background. Back: A pile of fully washed coffee beans. Watermark: Coat of arms of Rwanda
and an electrotype BNR logo. Date of Issue: 31 October 2007.

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Dimensions: 143 x 77 mm

Texts: Banki Nkuru Y'u Rwanda. Iyi noti yemewe n'amategeko. Amafaranga Ibihumbi Bibiri. Banque Nationale
du Rwanda. National Bank of Rwanda. Ce billet a cours legal - This note is legal tender. Deux Mille Francs -
Two Thousand Francs.

Rwanda Banknote Gallery | Rwanda Banknotes For Sale

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