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Solomon Islands 50 Dollars 2001

Item Code: SB-24

Front: Coat of Arms depicting a crocodile and a shark. Ceremonial paddle. Bonito hook. Center background: Bokolo -
stylised bird used as money, also as logo of the Central Bank. Tema - Santa Cruz Island shell pendant kapkap. Food bowls
carved as dogs. Butterfly, as registration device (security feature). Back: Pitcher and figurines. Ceremonial spear. Butterfly,
reptiles and mushrooms. Watermark: Eagle's head in profile; Electrotype "CBSI". Main colours: Blue-green and purple.
Artist: Unknown. Signatures: Rick N. Houenipwela (Governor); George Kiriau (Finance Secretary). Date of Issue: 2001.
Printer: Thomas De La Rue.

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Dimensions: 161 x 71 mm

Texts: This Note is Legal Tender for Fifty Dollars in Solomon Islands. Central Bank. "To Lead is To Serve".

Solomon Islands Banknote Gallery | Solomon Islands Banknotes For Sale

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