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Seychelles 10 Rupees 1989

Item Code: SC-32

Front: Scouts saluting. Central Bank of Seychelles building on Independence Avenue in Victoria. Sailfish. Turtle.
Flags. Bicentennial Monument in Victoria. "Zonm Lib" Liberation Monument ("Chainbreaker"). Back: Drummer and
Moutia dancers. Chordophone - Ndzendze ya Shitsuva. Watermark: Head of a parrot. Main colours: Pink, green
and blue. Artist: Unknown.
Signature: Guy Morel (Governor). Issuer: Central Bank of Seychelles. Date of Issue:
1 June 1989. Date of withdrawal: N/a. Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. (London).

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Dimensions: 130 x 65 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Seychelles. Labank Santral Sesel. Ten Rupees. Dis Roupi.

Seychelles Banknote Gallery | Seychellois Banknotes For Sale

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