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Sudan 5 Sudanese Pounds 1991 (AH 1411)

Item Code: SD-45

Obverse: Ankole-Watusi cattle in front of straw huts. Alternative coat of arms depicting outline map of Sudan surrounded by
wheat ears, branches and Arabic text. Gum Arabic tree (Acacia nilotica) also known as Egyptian thorn. Reverse: Old Bank of
Sudan building in Khartoum. Watermark: Emblem of Sudan. Predominant colours: Red, orange and violet. Signature: Sid
Ahmed al Sheikh (Elshaik SidAhmed Elshaikh) (Governor). Issued by: Bank of Sudan.

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Dimensions: 144 x 72 mm

Texts: Bank of Sudan. Five Sudanese Pounds.

Sudan Banknote Gallery | Sudanese Banknotes For Sale

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