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Sudan 200 Sudanese Pounds August 2019

Item Code: SD-79

Front: Typical Sudanese housing. Basket weaver. Back: People of Sudan. CBOS emblem. Lintels with ornamental designs. Watermark: Secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius); Electrotype 'CBOS' and '200' in Eastern Arabic numerals. Security features: Latent image (CBOS). Running black and red horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Solid, vertical, windowed on the obverse, 4 mm wide color changing polymer security thread, bearing 'CBOS' and '200' in Eastern and Western Arabic numerals, that has Galaxy® motion picture. The coloured filament fibers (hairs) fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Registration device in a form of a colourful lock. EURion constellation or Omron rings (doughnuts). OVI (Optically Variable Ink) feature in a shape of a Sudanese style coffee table. Tactile feature: Series of horizontal intaglio dashes on both left and right edges of the banknote. Main colours: Yellow and red-brown. Artist: Unknown. Engraver: No info. Signature: Hussein Yahia Jangool (Governor, CBOS, March 2019 - 10 December 2019). Issuer: Central Bank of Sudan. Date of issue: August 2019. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printing method: Intaglio (raised print). Printer: Sudan Currency Printing Press, Khartoum (SCPP).

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Dimensions: 153 x 70 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Sudan. Two Hundred Sudanese Pounds. Legal Tender Banknote. August 2019.

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