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Sweden 100 Kronor 1965-1985

Item Code: SE-54

Obverse: King Gustav II Adolf (1594 - 1632) in profile. Reverse: Engraving of the warship Wasa (Vasa)
built in 1628. Grotesque console heads of a bearded man and a lion. Watermark: Vertical sequence of Axel
Oxenstierna in profile. Signatures: (as depicted) Carl Henrik Nordlander (Governor, 1976–1979); Unidentified
(Unknown). Dominant colours: Blue, auburn and taupe. Security thread: Vertical, solid, narrow. Issuer: Sveriges
Riksbank. First Date of Issue: 1965. Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Date of withdrawal: 31 December 1998.
Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Tumba Bruk.

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Dimensions: 140 x 82 mm
Governors of Sveriges Riksbank (Riksbankschefer)

Texts: Sveriges Riksbank. Etthundra Kronor. One Hundred Kronor (Crowns). Gustav II Adolf 1611 - 1632.
Regalskeppet Wasa 1628.

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