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Sweden 20 Kronor 2001

Item Code: SE-63

Obverse: Värmland landscape; a brief extract from Gösta Berling's Saga; Portrait of Selma Lagerlöf
(1858-1940); Selma Lagerlöf driving the horse carriage. Reverse: A passage motif from Selma Lagerlöf's
book Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey through Sweden, with Nils and Mårten goose flying over the
flatlands of Skåne, in southern Sweden. Watermark: Repeated portrait of Selma Lagerlöf.
Signatures: Jan Bergqvist; Stefan Ingves. Engraving: Toni Hanzon. Printer: Tumba Bruk.

Swedish Currency Gallery

This picture is for reference only. It may not be exactly the same image as the one
for sale in the
pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 120 x 67 mm

Texts: Sveriges Riksbank; Tjugo Kronor.

Sweden Banknote Gallery | Swedish Banknotes For Sale

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