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Sweden 100 Kronor 2006

Item Code: SE-65c

Front: Naturalist Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) (1707-1778); sketch of the Linnaeus garden in Uppsala; Sketches of pollinating plants taken from Linné's early work Prćludia Sponsaliarum Plantarum in 1729; sketch of the botanical gardens in Uppsala, where Linné was director, and which is now known as the Linné garden; to the right of Linné's portrait is his motto in very small text: "OMNIA MIRARI ETIAM TRITISSIMA" (Find wonder in all things, even the most commonplace); foil strip with a hologram (three-dimensional image) showing the denomination and three crowns; Back: Drawing of a bee pollinating a flower from a photograph by Lennart Nilsson; The background consists of stylised pictures from the fertilisation of a flower; a reconstruction of how the flower looks through the multifaceted eyes of a bee; Watermark: Portrait of Carl von Linné; 100.

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Dimensions: 140 x 72 mm

Fact: the average lifetime of a 100 Krona banknote is around 18 months.

Texts: Sveriges Riksbank. Ett Hundra Kronor. One Hundred Crowns.
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