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Singapore 5 Dollars (1976-1984)

Item Code: SG-10

Front: White-collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris). Singaporean skyline. National Coat of Arms of Singapore
depicting a lion and a tiger. Flowers. Stylised map of Singapore as denominational guilloche. Merlion (Singa Laut)
as a see-through security feature. Reverse: View of Garden City with high-rise apartment buildings. Chinese lion
dance. Watermark: Lion's head. Security features: Watermark. Running and fluorescing serial numbers. Solid
metallic security strip. Signature and signature seal fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Main colour: Red. Artist:
Unknown. Engraver: No info. Signature: Hon Sui Sen (Minister for Finance, 1970-1983). Printing method:
Intaglio. Issuer: Board of Commissioners of Currency Singapore (BCCS). Date of Issue: 6th August 1976.
Withdrawn from circulation: Yes. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton fibre paper. Printer: Thomas
De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 141 x 69 mm

Texts: This note is legal tender for Singapore. Ten Dollars. Majulah Singapura.

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