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Slovenia 1000 Tolarjev 1991-1992 (SPECIMEN)

Item Code: SI-9S1

Front: Triglav mountain (Terglau, Tricorno, 2864 m. = 9396 ft.) - the highest peak of the Julian Alps. Reverse: Knežji Kamen - The Prince's Stone (German: Fürstenstein) at Klagenfurt Landhaus. The Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica Pollman) on an underprint of a honeycomb. Main colour: Light steel blue. Signature: Dr. Marko Kranjec (Sekretar za finance). Watermark: Vertically repeated impressions of the Prince's Stone. Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 151 x 73 mm

Texts: Republika Slovenija. Vzorec. Tisoc Tolarjew. One Thousand Tolars. Ponarejanje se kaznuje po zakonu.

Slovenia Banknote Gallery | Slovenian Banknotes For Sale

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