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Somalia 5 Scellini 1962

Item Code: SO-1S

Front: Head of the Greater Kudu Antelope (Tragelaphus strepsiceros). Back: Dhow boat. Watermark: Head of African
Somali Leopard (Panthera pardus nanopardus). Dominant colours: Cardinal red, red and coral orange. Signatures: Abdi
Aden Mohamed (President - Il Presidente); Ahmed Shire Addawe (President of the Board of Auditors - Il Presidente del
Collegio dei Revisori). Security thread: Not present. Issuer: National Bank of Somalia. Released on: 15 December 1962.
Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: 20 November 1962. Date of withdrawal: 1974. Material: Cotton. Printer: Istituto
Poligrafico dello Stato - Officina dei Carte Valori della Banca d'Italia da Roma (Rome, Italy). Printed: 2 million notes.

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Dimensions: 152 x 72 mm

Texts: Banca Nazionale Somala. Cinque 5 Scellini Somali. Mogadiscio 1962. Decreto P.R. 5 Marzo 1962 N.87.
Five 5 Somali Shillings. Shan Shilin. Specimen.

Somalia Banknote Gallery | Somali Banknotes For Sale

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