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Somalia 500 Shillings 1989-1996

Item Code: SO-36C

Front: Fisherman inspecting a fishing net. Fish. Spiny lobster (langouste, crayfish, crawfish). Man in a boat
wielding a spear. Coat of arms depicting leopards. Designs with Somali architectural elements. Back: The Mosque
of Islamic Solidarity - Masaajidka Isbahaysiga (1987) in Mogadishu. Watermark: Bearded man in a headdress
(turban) - Sayyid Muhammad `Abd Allah al-Hasan (Sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xasan) (1856 - 1920). Predominant
colours: Green, aqua, orange and lilac. Signature: Ali Abdi Amalow (Chairman - Guddoomiyaha); Hassan Elmi
Barkhadle (Cashier - Lacaghayaha). First Date of Issue: 1989. Author: Unknown. Printer: British American
Bank Note Company, Canada. Material: Paper.

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Dimensions: 149 x 73 mm

Texts: Bankiga Dhexe ee Soomaaliya. Central Bank of Somalia. Xeer Mjds 1da Jannaayo 1989 LR7.
Muqdisho 1996. 500 Shilin Soomaali. Five Hundred Somali Shillings.

Somalia Banknote Gallery | Somali Banknotes For Sale

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