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Scotland 10 Pounds 2010

Item Code: SQ-353c

Front: Lord Ilay, First Governor. Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll, 1st Earl of Ilay (June 1682 – 15 April 1761) was a Scottish nobleman, politician, lawyer, businessman, and soldier. He was known as Lord Archibald Campbell from 1703 to 1706, and as the Earl of Ilay from 1706 until 1743, when he succeeded to the dukedom. Head Office of Royal Bank of Scotland, Dundas House, 36 St. Andrew Square Office. Back: Glamis Castle, home of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and is open to the public. Watermark: Effigy of Lord Illay. Security features: Consecutively running black serial numbers on the front of the banknote. Fluorescent horizontal and vertical stripes on the front of the banknote and the back of the RBS logo design on reverse. Predominant colour: Brown. Artist: TDLR. Signatures: Stephen Hester (Group Chief Executive, November 2008 to December 2013). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. Date of issue: 30 November 2010. Date of withdrawal: N/a. Collector value: $40 in 2018 (UNC). Total issue: N/a. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Thomas De La Rue and Company Limited (TDLR).

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Dimensions: 143 x 75 mm

Texts: The Royal Bank of Scotland plc promise to pay the Bearer on demand. Ten Pounds Sterling at their Head Office here in Edinburgh by order of the Board, 30th November 2010.

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