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Shetland Islands (Scotland) 1 Pound / 20 Shillings 2015 (Essay)

Item Code: SQ-P2

Front: Portrait of Leif Andreas Larsen (1906-1990). Stylized coat of arms. Great skua (Stercorarius skua) in flight.
Mountain peaks. Back: Memorial to the Shetland Bus Clandestine Special Operations Group (1940-1945) at Scalloway
N-97-BŲ Andholmen. Watermark: Wavy lines pattern. Security feature: Crowned "GR" Royal Cypher of
George V fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Main colours: Navy blue and mulberry violet. Signature: None.
Artist & Engraver: M. Gabris. Printing method: Offset. Issuer: Private. Date of issue: Lerwick 2015.
Material: Paper. Printer: Unknown. Total issue: 700 pieces.

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Dimensions: 140 x 69 mm

Texts: Shetland Islands - Sealtainn. Essay. Specimen. One Pound. Twenty Shillings.

Scotland Banknote Gallery | Scottish Banknotes For Sale

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