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Ref # Description Image
SY-1   5 Piastres 1.8.1919 (ruins, lion)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
SY-51   25 Piastres 1.8.1942 (Omayyad Mosque)   [Obverse & Reverse]
SY-91   100 Pounds 1962 (cotton pickers; ruins of Palmyra)   [Picture & Info]
SY-93   1 Pound 1982 (turner; Hama water wheels)   [Picture & Info]
SY-98   100 Pounds 1971 (port; hydroelectric dam)   [Picture & Info]
SY-100   5 Pounds 1988 (Bosra theatre; female warrior; cotton)   [Picture & Info]
SY-101   10 Pounds 1988 (Al-Azem Palace; dancer; water plant)   [Picture & Info]
SY-102   25 Pounds 1991 (Saladdin; Krak des Chevaliers castle)   [Picture & Info]
SY-103   50 Pounds 1991 (Dam; Water Goddess; Aleppo Citadel)   [Picture & Info]
SY-104   100 Pounds 1990 (Palmyra; Queen Zenobia; Grain silos)   [Picture & Info]
SY-105   500 Pounds 1990 (Motifs from ruins of Ugarit Kingdom)   [Picture & Info]
SY-107   50 Pounds 1998 (Aleppo Citadel; water wheel; library)   [Picture & Info]
SY-108   100 Pounds 1998 (Bosra theatre; Philip; Hajaz railway)   [Picture & Info]
SY-109   200 Pounds 1997 (Unknown Soldier Monument;
islamic coin; Statue of Saladin; cotton)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-110a   500 Pounds 1998 (Palmyra; Queen Zanobia;
Euphrates Dam)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-111a   1000 Pounds 1997 (Hafez al Assad; old coin;
oil industry)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-111b   1000 Pounds 1997 (Hafez al Assad; old coin;
oil industry)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-112   50 Pounds 2009 (Ugaritic stone panels;
library; monument)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-113   100 Pounds 2009 (Bosra amphitheatre; Umayyad
Dome; bank)
  [Picture & Info]
SY-114   200 Pounds 2009 (Norias of Hama; Bel Temple
  [Picture & Info]
SY-115   500 Pounds 2013 (Opera; Musicians; Clay tablet)   [Picture & Info]
SY-116   1000 Pounds 2013 (Bosra amphiteatre; Grape mosaic)   [Picture & Info]
SY-117b   2000 Pounds 2017 (Bashar al-Assad; Parliament)   [Picture & Info]
SY-118   5000 Pounds 2019 (Soldier statue; Temple Baalshamin)   [Picture & Info]
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