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Syria 500 Pounds 1976-1990 (AH 1396-1411)

Item Code: SY-105

Obverse: Motifs from ruins of Kingdom of Ugarit (modern Ras Shamrah): Semitic Canaanite Warrior Goddess
Anat (Anath, Anait, not to confuse with Astarte, Ashtart, Ashtereth or Athirat) breast-feeding her children. Head of a
Ugaritic princess (Ivory, gold). Reverse: Ancient dish depicting lions, gazelles, sphinxes, bulls, goats, winged bull,
man fighting lion. Cuneiform clay tablet. Stylised pottery. Watermark: Head of an Arabian horse. Governors:
Nassouh Al Dakkak (1971-1978); Rifaat Al Akkad (1978-1984); Dr. Hisham Mutawalli (1984-1987); Mohammad
Al Sharif (1987-1995).

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Original Size: 180 x 85 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Syria; Five Hundred Syrian Pounds.

Syria Banknote Gallery | Syrian Banknotes For Sale

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