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Syria 200 Syrian Pounds 2009 (AH 1430)

Item Code: SY-114

Obverse: The Norias of Hama (water wheels, "wheels of pots") on the Orontes River, in the city of Hama.
Reverse: Decorated roof ceiling of the southern adyton, the Cella at the Temple of Bel at Tadmor, the ancient
Watermark: Head of an Arabian horse; Electrotype 200. Date of Issue: 27 July 2010.
Signatures: Dr. Adib Mayaleh (Governor); Muhammad Naji Al-Otari (Prime Minister).

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Dimensions: 145 x 65 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Syria. Two Hundred Syrian Pounds.

Syria Banknote Gallery | Syrian Banknotes For Sale

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