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Transnistria Kupon 500000 Rubles 1997

Item Code: TA-33

Front: Equestrian statue of General Alexander V. Suvorov (1730-1800) - founder of Tiraspol. Back: The building of Trans-Dniester Parliament (Supreme Soviet, Supreme Council) in Tiraspol. Watermark: Repetitive intertwined loop pattern. Main colours: Purple on turquoise. Security features: Running serial number on the front of the banknote. Watermark. Coloured fluorescent filament fibers (hairs) distributed throughout the banknote. Denomination "500000" positioned vertically and multiple continuous inscriptions of the toponym "PRIDNESTROVJE" (in Cyrillic letters) on the obverse fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Artist: Goznak. Signatures: Absent. Issuer: Pridnestrovian Republican Bank. Date of Issue: 1 June 1997. Date of withdrawal: 1 January 2002. Legal tender: No. Total emission: No information. Material: Cotton paper. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Goznak (Russia).
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Dimensions: 125 x 57 mm
Texts: Pridnestrovje. Kupon. Pjat'sot Tysjatsh' Rublej. Banka Nistriane. Pridnestrovskij Bank. Pridnistrovs'kij Bank. Five Hundred Thousand Rubles. Poddelka kuponov Pridnestrovskogo Banka presleduetsja po zakonu. Pridnestrovie. PMR. Respublika Transdnestr.
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