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Tibet 25 Srang 1941-1947

Item Code: TI-10a

Front: Two lions. Dalai Lama's small red circular seal and Cha-Hsi Le-K'ung Mint (Lhasa Mint of Tibet Government) black rectangular seal. Back: Scene with human activity in a town, scene of gift giving, an elephant, a dog, a bird, fruit trees, flowers, buildings. Colours: Red, green and yellow. Material: Paper, produced by Chin-Tung Paper Factory near Lhasa, containing root of poisonous weed in order to prevent the spoiling by insects and rats. First Issued: 1941. Not Legal Tender from: 1959. Printer: Cha-Hsi Motor Plant or Cha-Hsi Le-K'ung Mint - The Lhasa Mint of the Tibetan Government, also known as Trabshi Lekhung.

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Dimensions (design part only): 146 x 87-89 mm

Texts: Tibetan government is victorious anywhere. (Tibetan) government and religion are one. The paper money value is Twenty Five Srang.

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