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Turkmenistan 5000 Manat 2000

Item Code: TM-12B

Front: Portrait of first President Saparmurat Niazov (1940 - 2006). Türkmenistanyn Mejlisi - Old Presidential Palace
in Ashkhabad. Back: State Emblem of Turkmenistan (1992-2000) which features Yanardag (born in 1991) which is a
stallion gold Akhal-Teke horse that used to be owned by President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov. Watermark:
Rearing Akhal-Teke Horse. Signature:
Seitbai Kandymov (Baslyk - Chief). Dominant colours: Purple and violet.
Security thread: Vertical, solid, 1 mm wide. Issuer: Central Bank of Turkmenistan. Date of First Issue: 1996.
Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Date of withdrawal: 1 January 2010. Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 156 x 78 mm

Texts: Türkmenistanyn Merkezi Banky. Bäs Mun Manat. Five Thousand Manat. Su banknot töleglerin ahli
görnüsleri uçin yöreyär. Türkmenistanyn Merkezi Bankynyn banknotlarynygalp yol bilen yasamak kanun
boyunca yzarlanylyar. Prezident K

Turkmenistan Banknote Gallery | Turkmenistan Banknotes For Sale

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