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Uganda 50 Shillings 1996

Item Code: UG-30

Obverse: Coat of Arms depicting spears, waves of lake Victoria, the Sun, a traditional drum, Crested Crane
(Balearica regulorum gibbericeps), the Ugandan Kob (Kobus kob thomasi), River Nile, fertile land, coffee and cotton;
Map outline of Uganda; Coat of Arms of the Bank of Uganda. Reverse: Parliament Building in Kampala. Watermark:
East African Crested Crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps). Printer: Thomas De La Rue and Company, Limited.

Demonetised on: 31 December 2000.

Ugandan Currency Gallery

This picture is for reference only. It may not be exactly the same image as the one
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pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 141 x 69 mm

Texts: Bank of Uganda; Fifty Shillings; Shilingi Hamsini; Legal tender for fifty shillings; For God and My Country.

Uganda Banknote Gallery | Uganda Banknotes For Sale

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