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Ref # Description Image
US-461   2 Dollars 1976 (Thomas Jefferson; Declaration
of Independence)
  [Picture & Info]
US-464   10 Dollars 1977 (Alexander Hamilton; U.S. Treasury)   [Picture & Info]
US-477   20 Dollars 1985 (Andrew Jackson)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
US-483   20 Dollars 1988A (A. Jackson; The White House)   [Picture & Info]

US-496   1 Dollar 1995 (George Washington; Freemason symbols)   [Photo]
US-497   2 Dollars 1995 (Thomas Jefferson; Declaration of
  [Picture & Info]
US-498   5 Dollars 1995 (Abraham Lincoln)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
US-499   10 Dollars 1995 (Alexander Hamilton)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
US-505   5 Dollars 1999 (Abraham Lincoln)   [Photo]
US-504   10 Dollars 1999 (Alexander Hamilton)   [Photo]
US-501   20 Dollars 1996 (Andrew Jackson)   [Photo]
US-502   50 Dollars 1999 (Ulysses S. Grant)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
US-503   100 Dollars 1996 (Benjamin Franklin; Independence Hall)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
US-510   5 Dollars 2001 (Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln Memorial)   [Picture & Info]
US-511   10 Dollars 2001 (Hamilton; U.S. Treasury)   [Photo]
US-514   20 Dollars 2004 (Andrew Jackson)   [Photo]
US-515   1 Dollar 2003 (George Washington; Freemason symbols)   [Picture & Info]
US-517   5 Dollars 2003 (Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln Memorial)   [Picture & Info]
US-520   10 Dollars 2004 (Alexander Hamilton; U.S. Treasury)   [Picture & Info]
US-521   20 Dollars 2004 (Andrew Jackson; The White House)   [Picture & Info]
US-522   50 Dollars 2004 (Ulysses S. Grant; U.S. Capitol)   [Picture & Info]
US-519   100 Dollars 2003 (Benjamin Franklin; Independence Hall)   [Picture & Info]
US-523   1 Dollar 2006 (George Washington; Freemason symbols)   [Picture & Info]
US-523A   5 Dollars 2006 (Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln Memorial)   [Picture & Info]
US-524   5 Dollars 2006 (Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln Memorial)   [Picture & Info]
US-525   10 Dollars 2006 (Alexander Hamilton; U.S. Treasury)   [Picture & Info]
US-526   20 Dollars 2006 (Andrew Jackson; The White House)   [Picture & Info]
US-527   50 Dollars 2006 (Ulysses S. Grant; U.S. Capitol)   [Picture & Info]
US-528   100 Dollars 2006 (Benjamin Franklin; Independence Hall)   [Picture & Info]
US-530   1 Dollar 2009 (George Washington; Freemason symbols)   [Picture & Info]
US-532   10 Dollars 2009 (Alexander Hamilton; U.S. Treasury)   [Picture & Info]
US-535   100 Dollars 2009 (Benjamin Franklin; Independence Hall)   [Picture & Info]

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