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United States of America 1 Million Dollars 1997

Item Code: US-MIL97X

Front: American eagle. Back: Fort Knox Gold Depository. Watermark: Illegible emblem. Printer: British
American Bank Note Corporation. Main colors: Black and green. Remark: Non-negotiable. Not Legal Tender.
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Dimensions: 168 x 77 mm
Although this note is not genuine currency, it has been created as a symbol of freedom, achievement and the American Dream. The One Million Dollar Bill combines the craftmanship of highly talented designers and engravers with the most modern security and printing technology.

Banknote Paper: The One Million Dollar Bill is printed on real currency grade paper with a unique watermark.

Watermark: The paper is watermarked with a standard emblem.

Intaglio Printing: The front and back of the One Million Dollar Bill are printed from engraved steel plates. This expensive high security process gives the note feel of real money.

Intricate Design: The design of the One Million Dollar Bill is extremely fine and detailed. The central vignette was engraved by a highly skilled designer who previously prepared real banknotes for the United States and other countries.

Microlettering: Just above the "United States of America" on the face of the note, the denomination "One Million / 1,000,000" is repeated in extremely fine printing which cannot be reproduced on a colour laser copier.

Invisible Printing: The back of the note is printed with a special high security "invisible" ink. If you place the note under an ultraviolet or black light, the words "A SYMBOL OF THE AMERICAN DREAM" can be clearly seen repeated across the note.

Fluorescent Seal: The green "seal" on the front of the Million Dollar Bill is printed in a special security ink which fluoresces under ultraviolet light.

Unique Serial Number: Each note has its own unique serial number.

The Million Dollar Bill is an excellent item for promotions, gifts or simply having fun.

Private issue. Not real money! Non-negotiable. Limited issue. Very entertaining.

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