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Uruguay 500 Pesos 1939 (1967)

Item Code: UY-44

Obverse: Portrait of an allegorical man symbolizing Industry of Uruguay. The allegory also depicts a semi-nude female standing
on a ball held by the masculine face, an airplane, ship, gears and smoking chimneys of a factory. Coat of Arms depicting the
Sun, a laurel branch, Cerro de Montevideo (Montevideo Hill), a scale, a galloping horse and an ox. Reverse: Allegory of
Agriculture of Uruguay depicting a cowboy on a horseback, an oxen, a flock of sheep, a fisherman, farmer with wheat, boy
reading a book, women, sailing ship etc. Watermark: Profile portrait of General José Gervasio Artigas. Printer: Thomas De
La Rue & Co. Ltd.

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Dimensions: 171 x 85 mm

Texts: El Departamento de Emisión del Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay; Pagara al portador y a la
vista Quinientos Pesos, Five Hundred Pesos, Moneda Nacional; Montevideo, Ley de 2 de Enero de 1939.

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