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Uruguay 500 Pesos Uruguayos 1999

Item Code: UY-82

Front: Portrait of  Uruguayan educator, rector, jurist, politician Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo (1844-1923). National coat of arms
of Uruguay depicting the Sun, a laurel branch, Cerro de Montevideo (Montevideo Hill), a scale, a galloping horse and an ox.
Laureate Sun and open book as registration device. Back: University of the Republic building, Montevideo. Watermark: Portrait
of General José Gervasio Artigas (1764-1850); Electrotype 'Artigas'. Signatures: Humberto Capote (Presidente, 1995-2000);
Gualberto de Leon (Gerente General); Aureliano Berro (Secretario General)
. Dominant colours: Green, blue and multicolour.
Security thread:
Vertical, silver, segmented, 1 mm wide, with 'URUGUAY'. Issuer: Central Bank of Uruguay.
Date of First
Issue: 13 June 1995. Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: Yes. Date of withdrawal: N/a. Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: François-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire.

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Dimensions: 160 x 73 mm
Presidents of the Central Bank of Uruguay
Name Períod
Enrique V. Iglesias 1967 - 1968
Carlos Sanguinetti 1968 - 1970
Armando Castaindebat 1970
Nilo Márquez 1970 - 1971
Jorge Echeverría 1971 - 1972
Juan Pedro Amestoy 1972 - 1973
Carlos Ricchi 1973 - 1974
José Gil Díaz 1974 - 1982
José María Puppo 1982 - 1984
Juan Carlos Protasi 1984 - 1985
Ricardo Pascale 1985 - 1990
Ramón Díaz 1990 - 1993
Enrique Braga 1993 - 1995
Ricardo Pascale 1995
Humberto Capote 1995 - 2000
César Rodríguez Batlle 2000 - 2002
Julio de Brun 2002 - 2005
Walter Cancela 2005 - 2008
Mario Bergara 2008 - present

Texts: Banco Central del Uruguay. Quinientos Pesos Uruguayos. Five Hundred Uruguayan Pesos. Moneda Nacional.
Universidad de la Republica. Moustache.

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