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Uzbekistan 50000 Som 2017
Item Code: UZ-85
Front: Coat of arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Ezgulik Arch (Arch of good and noble aspirations) Monument in the Independence Square (Mustaqillik Maydoni) in Tashkent. Outline of Uzbekistan. Ornate designs. Back: Anjumanlar Saroyi – the Palace of Conferences and Conventions in Tashkent with two storks on its roof. Watermark: Uzbek state emblem; Electrotype '50000'. Security features: Consecutively running black horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Vertical, windowed (with exposure on the obverse), polymeric, 4 mm wide security thread with dynamic effects. The left hand side serial number, coloured filament fibers (hairs), the triple stacked hi-lite '50000' denomination and part of the design fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Registration device in a form of a gateway. Raised Uzbekistan outline on watermark area. Denomination '50000' below the serial number printed with iridescent ink changing its colour when viewing it at different angles. Main colour: Ultra violet. Signature: None. Artist: Unknown. Date of Issue: 22 August 2017. Total emission: Unknown. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Issuer: Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Printer: Goznak, Moscow, Russian Federation.
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Dimensions: 144 x 78 mm
Texts: O'zbekiston Respublikasi Markaziy Banki. Ellik Ming So'm. O'zbekiston So'mi Respublika Hududida Hamma To'lovlar Uchun O'z Qiymati Bo'yicha Qabul Qilinishi Shart. Ezgulik Monumenti. Anjumanlar Saroyi. O'zbekiston So'mini Qalbakilashtirish Qonunga Muvofiq Ta'qib Qilinadi.
Uzbekistan Banknote Gallery | Uzbekistan Banknotes For Sale
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