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Venezuela 20 Bolivares 2007-2011

Item Code: VE-91E

Front: Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi (1799 - 1866) among flowers. Back: Critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle, Tortuga
(Eretmochelys imbricata). Macanao Mountains in the Laguna de la Restinga National Park. Giant African Land Snails
(Achatina fulica). Coat of arms. Predominant colours: Purple, green and lilac pink. Watermark: Portrait of Luisa Cáceres
de Arismendi; Electrotype "20". Security strip: 2 mm wide, with text "BCV 20". Signatures: Nelson José Merentes Díaz
(Presidente BCV); Eudomar Tovar (Primer VicePresidente BCV). Date of Release: 3 February 2011. Printer: Casa de la
Moneda, Venezuela.

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Dimensions: 156 x 69 mm

Texts: República Bolivariana de Venezuela. Banco Central de Venezuela. Veinte Bolívares. Twenty Bolivares.
Pagaderos al portador en las oficinas del banco. Montañas de Macanao (Parque Nacional Laguna de la Restinga).

Venezuela Banknote Gallery | Venezuela Banknotes For Sale

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