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Viet Nam 2000 Dong 1988

Item Code: VN-107B

Front: Portrait of Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969). Vietnamese emblem (Coat of Arms). Lotus ornamental designs.
Back: Light industrial production: women workers inside of Nam Dinh Textile Factory. Traditional decoration.
Watermark: Lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera). Predominant colours: Brownish purple on lilac.
Date of Issue: 20 October 1989. Paper: Cotton.

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Dimensions: 134 x 65 mm

Texts: Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam - Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Ngân Hàng Nhà Nuoc
Viet Nam - The State Bank of Vietnam. Hai Nghin Dong. Two Thousand Dong.

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