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South Viet Nam 50 Dong (1972)

Item Code: VNS-30

Obverse: Independence Palace of Saigon (1966), now Reunification Hall (1975) in Ho Chi Minh City. Reverse: Three galloping
horses and flower blooms. Watermark: Profile portrait of South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu's wife, Madame Nguyen
Thi Mai Anh.
Signatures: Tran Van Thi (Administrator - Mot Quan-Tri Vien); Kieu Phan Que (Director of Banknote Department -
Giam-Doc Phat-Hanh)
. Dominant colour: Teal. Security thread: Vertical, solid, 1/2 mm wide. Issuer: National Bank of Viet-Nam.
Date of First
Issue: 27 August 1972. Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Date of withdrawal: 22 September 1975.
Cotton paper. Printer: Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. (England).

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Dimensions: 144 x 71 mm

Texts: Ngan-Hang Quoc-Gia Viet-Nam. Nam Muoi Dong. Fifty Dong. Hinh luat phat kho-sai nhung ke nao gia-mao
giay bac do Ngan-Hang Quoc-Gia Viet-Nam phat ra.

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